Company Profile

The Nut Man Company was formed in late 1985 after its founders discovered that their products were becoming ever increasingly popular. We started off selling on the streets of the Chicago area to local business employees, and community charity organizations. Demand for a high quality, reasonably priced foods soon forced us to sell to gift and lobby shops as well as doing presentations at area hospitals, and business lobbies. Now, The Nut Man Company sells products to shops and businesses all over the Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana region. The Nut Man Company uses the Internet for 90% of our individual incoming orders, making The Nut Man Company a truly online company.

Mission Statement

The Nut Man Co. strives to reliably deliver the best services and highest-valued products, but at a reasonable low price.

Contact Details

Address: 660 62nd Street, Downers Grove, IL 60516, USA
Telephone: (630)963-6888
Facsimile: (630)963-6888

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NOTE: Chocolates and yogurts cannot be sent when temperatures are over 70 degrees unless the customer pays for next day air.

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